Looking for places to go Jet Skiing?


Myrtle Beach , South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is known for it’s great surfing but if your not into the waves than check out the Intercoastal Waterway to do some Jetski rental Myrtle Beach! This coastal waterway offers everything from high speeds to slow cruising so you can go at whatever pace you choose. If your feeling more adventurous than head up north and see what’s there!

2. Kauai, Hawaii

Another great place to go Jet Skiing is Hawaii! There are so many different places over there where your sure to have an amazing trip! But be warned if your not a strong swimmer or don’t know how to swim DO NOT GO INTO THE OCEAN ITS VERY DANGEROUS AND UNSAFE. Stick with the rivers and fresh water lakes this way you will not encounter sharks while Jetskiing in Hawaii.

3. LA – Ventura County, California

Yet another great spot is just north of Los Angeles called Ventura County jet skiing here can be very fun because it’s surrounded by water, mountains, cliffs, national parks, and forests! The best time to go

4.Miami, Florida

Miami is a great place to go Jet Skiing! If you want to do it in the ocean than head out to Biscayne Bay and also check out Government Cut when your there. Also look for dolphins when your jet skiing! [Go on www.jetflorida.com to learn more about them.] You can go Jet Skiing anywhere in Miami because the city is surrounded by water!

What is it like to Jet Ski?

Riding a Jet Ski feels like your flying over the water, it’s a very powerful and exhilarating feeling! It makes you feel empowered as you go jetting over the waves at high speeds. You can either be in control or let someone else drive for you if your not comfortable doing it yourself, but if your up for the challenge than grab hold of those handles and don’t let go! Sometimes there will also be dolphins right behind you as you fly through the water so keep an eye out because they could appear at any moment! It’s one of those sports that everyone should try at least once , if only to say they tried it themselves . But make sure to stay safe and always wear your life jacket.

What are Tips can we provide for you on our website?

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Different types of Jet Ski dolphin tours?

Depending on the type of tour your going on you will either ride a 2-up or a single rider. The tours with a double Jetskis are more fun and allow for more people to go out on the water together, but they have their downfalls as well. Double seater Jet Ski’s tend to be harder to control because both parties need to agree on how fast they’re going , which can become very difficult! So if some one isn’t comfortable at high speeds than it could be dangerous. So either way there is no right or wrong when it comes down to who rides in what seat its just preference.

types of dolphins you can see?

There are a variety of different dolphins you can see on a Jet Ski dolphin tour. Depending on which location your at there will be different types of dolphins that come to play around the Jetskis. There is the Spinner Dolphin , commonly found in Hawaii, Mexico, and South Carolina that comes out of the water and spins as they fly through the air. The Bottlenose Dolphin, also known as Tursiops Truncatus , is another type of dolphin found in various locations such as Florida and Myrtle Beach SC . But if your not sure what kind of dolphin your looking for than any dolphin spotted whilst riding a Jet Ski would still make for an amazing experience!

Boat rental information?

If your looking to rent a boat with friends or family there are plenty of Jet Ski rentals around Myrtle Beach as well as the surrounding areas. Most if not all will have different tour options as well so you can bring along whoever is up for it! The more people on board the better and more fun everyone gets to have!

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A dolphin watching expedition on a jet ski is great fun for all the family and here are some tips.

* Always wear a life jacket. If the weather is cold it’s a good idea to wear a wet suit or wetsuit.