07th Dec 2012

The Manly Way to Catch Fish

A Key West Spearfishing trip is by far one of the most exciting ways to spend time in paradise catching fish, and there are lots of places around Key West...

07th Dec 2012
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Key West, the Gentler Side

Key West – Imagine a city built on shipwrecks, fishing, smuggling and shrimping. Now imagine a nearby living coral reef, streets lined with Bougainvillea, poinciana, frangipani and other exotic tropical...

07th Dec 2012
Rockland Key 016

Use Your Arms to Explore Key West

Kayaking in Key West is the best there is because Key West is a beautiful island, surrounded by miles and miles of backcountry flats, mangrove islands and channels. The flats...

07th Dec 2012
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Key West Nightlife

Hitting the Key West bars are on just about everyone’s Key West vacation to-do list. Key West is famous for conch houses, fishing, and bars, among other things. There are...

07th Dec 2012

Gay Key West

Gay Key West doesn’t mean a particular neighborhood or a time of year. It’s just a part of the fabric of every day life in Key West. Key West is...

06th Dec 2012
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Why Are Cheeseburgers Famous in a Seafood Town?

What’s the story behind Margaritaville Key West? Jimmy Buffett is a local hero around Key West. He first came to Key West in the early 1970s and the town changed...

17th Nov 2012
sunset 112

Key West Sunset Cruise

Key West sunset cruise in the Harbor is one of the finest ways to end the day or begin your night. Sunsets here in Key West are legendary, and the...

08th Nov 2012
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Here’s How to See the Reef Without Jumping In

The Coral Reef in Key West The Key West glass bottom boat will take you to the living coral reef, one of the Florida Keys’ most treasured natural resources. It...

02nd Nov 2012
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Key West Bars: Yes There Are a Few

Oh, so many Key West bars! Most of the Key West bars are concentrated on Duval Street, for easy bar hopping. Down here we call it the “Duval Crawl”. But...

07th Feb 2013
Kayak and snorkeling

Do It All

Don’t want to be limited to just one water sport while visiting Key West?  If you can’t decide which water sport to do and you’re on limited time, the Do...

07th Dec 2012
Explore Eclectic Vancouver With SmartFares

Explore Eclectic Vancouver With SmartFares

Vancouver is a vibrant coastal city in British Columbia. Linguistically and ethnically diverse, Vancouver consistently rates as a top five city for livability. With a unique blend of urban adventures...