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What is Parasailing?

Key West Parasailing

Key West Parasailing

Key West parasailing is a safe, fun and exciting way to get a new perspective on the world in Key West. Passengers can go one at a time or in tandem and get lifted into the air by parachute that’s attached to a boat by a towline. The driver of the boat can control how high up passengers go, and can reel them in at any time with a hydraulic winch. There is always a strong rope that connects passengers and their parachute to the boat, for full control. Passengers take off and land from a platform on the back end of the boat. Nothing to worry about! As you sit in your harness, you can look down below to the water and see marine life and anything else that’s down there below. Excited Key West parasailing passengers report having seen sharks and stingrays from their chutes. The driver can also “dip” you, which means he or she can lower the parachute so that your legs or whole body get dipped in the water for a refreshing splash before you swoop back up into the air.

Why Key West Parasailing?

Parasailing is just one of many adventure sports vacationers can choose from while staying in Key West. However, it’s the only sport where you get to experience the world as a bird does, from the sky. The sensation of lifting into the sky with the wind in your hair and the sea below you feet cannot be matched by any other watersport in Key West. Especially if you like roller coasters, Key West parasailing is the ultimate roller coaster ride, only smoother and more pleasant. Take off and landings are dry because your lift off from and land on the boat’s wide rear deck, fully controlled by the boat’s operator and his or her mate.

Is Parasailing Safe?

Parasailing Safety

Key West parasailing has been around for more than 25 years. Over the years the technique, the equipment, and the specialized parasailing boats have all undergone much develoment and improvement. Parasail operators are closely regulated by the U.S. Coastguard and boats have to pass multiple safety standards every year. Key West parasailing boats have lots and lots of safety measures and the operator is in full control of the chute, the harness, and its passengers at all times. Passengers wear personal flotation devices.

Key West Parasailing

Will the Line Break?

No! Some people ask what if the line breaks? The towline used is made to withstand 10,000 pounds of pressure. Another worry is

What happens if the boat has engine trouble while I’m in the sky?

The answer is nothing much at all! If the boat suddenly can’t move, then the passengers simply drift gently down under their parachute, wearing their life jackets. It’s a slow drift down to the water and then you’ll be safely plucked from the water and brought back aboard.