Do It All

Don’t want to be limited to just one water sport while visiting Key West?  If you can’t decide which water sport to do and you’re on limited time, the Do It All tour is for you.  Just be ready for anything, bring protection from the sun, and see what adventure the day brings.

The Do It All is six hours of water sports and fun in Key West waters. From ten to four you can experience everything, and find out what Do It All means. Go snorkeling, see a shallow water wreck, ride the waverunners, paddle out in some kayaks, or just chill on the sun deck. Remember, it’s long day of water sports, you’ll have time to do it all! Try windsurfing and kneeboarding, not to mention trying your hand at sailing a small vessel, a Sunfish. There’s lunch served on the boat. And on the way back get ready for Duval Street with a beer from the bar.