You Won’t Believe Halloween Week in Key West

Careful, there are some topless people in this video. Eighteen years and older, please.

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What Exactly is Fantasy Fest?

Fantasy Fest
Fantasy Fest is Key West’s version of a super week-long Halloween celebration. It’s themed parties, lots of drinking, magical vendors selling magical fantasy fest items, elaborate costumes, lots of magic (meaning alternative reality and fantasy characters, not the top-hat variety), homemade bikini contests, costume contests, all culminating in one super-freaky parade down Duval Street to finish off the week of partying and debauchery. Fantasy Fest is a chance to be someone different, try a new persona. Since costumes are pretty much a part of almost all the sponsored parties and of course a major part of the final parade, your imagination can go wild and you can become anything! Even lots of the folks who watch the final parade on Saturday are decked out in full costumes, from head to toe. Some are homemade, and others are bought, but all are creative and festive. Some “costumes” involve just body paint and really not much fabric at all!

What Kinds of Events Happen During Fantasy Fest?

Well, there are bars and restaurants all

over Key West that sponsor official events for Fantasy Fest. For example, one night there will be a Pirate and Wenches party at an ocean-front bar at a resort, or the Homemade Bikini Contest will take place at a resort across town the next night. Most of these night-time parties are held at bars and restaurants, and are officially part of the Fantasy Fest events roster. Duval Street is where it’s at, though. No need ever to enter any bars.

The week starts off with Gooombay, which is a street festival/party celebrating Caribbean culture. It’s in Bahama Village, up and down Petronia Street. The week also gets a start with the Coronation Ball, which features King and Queen of Fantasy Fest.

Themed parties are a specialty of Fantasy Fest. Each year there’s the Red Party, held at Fogarty’s. There’s also a Plaid Party at Captain Tony’s Saloon. Also check out the Toga Party, the Pajama & Lingerie Party, the Masquerade Ball, and the Pirate’s Bash. The Pet Masquerade is one of the more family-oriented events, with amazing costumes for dogs, cats, ferrets, ducks, what have you.