Why Are Cheeseburgers Famous in a Seafood Town?

Margaritaville Key WestWhat’s the story behind Margaritaville Key West? Jimmy Buffett is a local hero around Key West. He first came to Key West in the early 1970s and the town changed his musical career forever. Duval Street back then had a lot of boarded up windows and empty storefronts. But there was still a lot of alcohol being served to the alternative types who frequented Key West back then. Jimmy’s career never went mainstream but he had a strong fan base and sold a bunch of albums. His tours were legendary, and people rearranged their lives to make sure they didn’t miss a concert. Jimmy opened up the very first Margaritaville Key West in 1985 on Duval Street. Believe it or not, it didn’t sell margaritas or cheeseburgers! People came to the store and found merchandise but no food. So in 1987 Jimmy opened the Margaritaville Cafe and started serving cheeseburgers in Paradise. Since then he’s become a major supporter of the Save The Manatee license plates program in the state of Florida. He is also a writer, which isn’t surprising given that he’s a grand storyteller in his songwriting. His first book was Tales From Margaritaville / Fictional

Margaritaville Key West

Facts and Factual Fictions, and it was on the New York Times bestseller list for several months. His fans are called Parrotheads and the store sells t-shirts, caps, blenders, and anything else you can slap a Jimmy Buffett lyric or a parrot onto.

Margaritaville Key West serves the cheeseburgers and margaritas everyone seeks when they look for Jimmy Buffet’s place on Duval Street. There’ a main level of wooden chairs, wooden floor, large painted murals, a bar, and of course a

small stage where fans are always hoping Jimmy will surprise show up and sing some songs. There’s a mezzanine level with more wooden tables and chairs where diners can get seated for a view of everything down below. It’s crowded but good-natured and service is friendly. It’s a happy place, even though non-Parrotheads might wonder what the big fuss is all about. The food is good.