Getting Hitched

Why Get Married in Key West?

Congratulations- you’re getting married and you are considering a destination wedding…a Key West wedding. Destination weddings are very popular these days, as a stress-free alternative to hosting a wedding in your home town. It’s the most romantic way to get hitched, and it’s also lots of fun for your guests. They can think of the trip to Key West as their own vacation. And a wedding in Key West has something for everyone, so all your guests will enjoy their stay while celebrating your big day.

There are so many reasons why Key West is the perfect spot to tie the knot, we don’t even know where to begin. Key West is romantic, beautiful, fun and more accessible for most people than lots of other tropical destination weddings spots, like Maui or The Bahamas.

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A Wedding at Mallory Square

Key West wedding planners are the best in the trade, and they have so much to share with their wedding party guests. They can work magic in a short amount of time, and produce a personalized, lifetime event for you, your future spouse, your family and your guests. Resort weddings are a snap, and beach weddings are a breeze, too. Your Key West wedding planner will do the utmost to make your day one of the best days of your life, one you’ll remember fondly forever. You’ll also have the best memories of Key West as the setting of your big day, and you’ll be so glad you chose our small city as the locale for your wedding.


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Key West Has All This to Offer for your Wedding Ceremony

Couple have been coming to Key West for years to get married. We even have a quickie chapel, Las Vegas-style, for spur-of-the-moment ceremonies. But most couples plan their event with a local who knows all the ins and outs of a Key West wedding. Choose your Key West wedding planner (just do a search on the Internet for Key West wedding planner) and he or she will take care of details for you. You might want to visit Key West before the wedding to meet with the planner and discuss the ceremony and reception. Once you have your wedding planner, you can relax because flowers, food, location, and reception are under control.

Key West has a whole host of local musicians if you want live music at your wedding. There are also local DJs who can spin the best program for your reception. Just ask your wedding planner, who will also work with a preferred florist to get your location looking picture-perfect. The planner will also help you find a local photographer, and with the internet, you can judge for yourself whether you like his or her work. Most have an online portfolio these days. If you want beautiful wedding hair for you and your wedding party, find someone will do wedding hair in your hotel room. The convenience is worth it on the big day, and you can relax in your hotel room or resort while wedding party members get their hair done, their nails, and even a massage!

Key West Wedding Hair

Here’s Why Your Guests & Family Will Love Key West

Key West is more than a wedding destination, it’s also a very beautiful place to come on vacation. Over half a million people visit each year! We have beaches, world-class sportfishing, a living coral reef, snorkel and scuba trips, backcountry fishing, and day trips to Dry Tortugas National Park. Then there’s the city of Key West itself, steeped in romantic history, swashbuckling fables of pirates and wreckers, and a shady history of smugglers and bandits. We’re known for our lovely, unique architecture, called conch houses. There are trolley tours of the island, walking tours, bicycle tours, ghost tours at night at the graveyard, garden tours, historic tours, and the list goes on. We also have museums, theatre, daily sunset celebration at Mallory Square, and of course shopping and bar hopping on Duval Street. Your guests and family will want to stay on in Key West after your wedding, or arrive early to enjoy the town. Make sure everyone attending knows there’s so much to do and see here in Key West, so they can plan to stay extra time if they want.