Key West Sunset Cruise

Key West sunset cruise in the Harbor is one of the finest ways to end the day or begin your night. Sunsets here in Key West are legendary, and the best way to experience one is to get on a boat and see it from the ocean. Why? Because Key West and the rest of the Florida Keys are islands with nothing but water as far as the eye can see.
There’s nothing to obstruct the view to the west when the sun sinks below the horizon. It’s pink and orange-hued rays stretch forever and reflect over the water for miles and miles, slowly changing color before the sun disappears for the night. After a fun day in Key West on the water in or in town, a fabulous show of nature feels wonderful, and it will be one of the hilights of your vacation. The easiest way to get in on the sunset from the water is to book yourself a seat on a Key West sunset cruise.

What is a Sunset Cruise?

Key West Sunset Cruise
There are several companies in Key West that offer sunset cruises. Some are big watersport companies that also do other things like parasailing, snorkel trips, and kayak adventures. Some Key West sunset cruise boats are owned by smaller companies, and that’s all they do. Most Key West sunset cruises feature a bar, maybe some music, and a large open area on deck for passengers to view the sunset and socialize. Most cruises will circle around in the area of Key West Harbor, just outside of the main shipping chanel. They’ll go in front of Sunset Key, and go back and forth making large circles for a couple of hours. Once it finally gets totally dar, the boat will head back to the dock. Passengers hang out on deck and get drinks from the bar, take pictures, or go down below to the cabin area.

What Types of Choices to I Have?

Key West Booze Cruise
You can go out for a Key West sunset cruise on almost any type of boat, whatever your fancy. There are large catamarans which is a double hull boat that’s known for stability. This would be a good choice when it’s windy, usually in winter. The cats are very large, and usually have a bar on top in the open air, with lots of room for viewing on top, and then down below an air-conditioned enclosed area with tables, chairs, and a TV. If it gets too hot, windy, or wet, you can seek shelter down below and not miss the sunset.

There are also a few schooners or tall ships that regularly take passenger out for the sunset. These are modeled after 1800s-era wooden sailboats and look fabulous in front of the sunset. Go to the Historic Seaport to find a Key West sunset cruise on a schooner such as the Schooner Liberty. This historic replica boat can carry up to 49 passengers and takes people out every day all year round. It’s a replica of a schooner used by New England fishermen to carry cargo.

Booze cruises are a popular way to see the sunset and get your drinks, too. The booze cruises are usually the same boats that took pasengers out earier in the day on Key West snorkeling trips or dolphin encounters. For stability, the booze cruises are catamarans most of the time, with large decks to accommodate lots of passengers. Usually the ticket price of your cruise will include open bar as well. The crew of these booze cruises in Key West will carry pitchers of beer for passengers. You can see why this is a very popular form of the Key West sunset cruise!