Key West Bicycle Rentals

Key West Bicycle Rentals
First thing you should do when you get to town is ditch your car and get yourself a Key West Bicycle Rental. The city of Key West is the easiest
city in the world to navigate by bicycle. You can get from one end of the four mile island to the other in under half an hour, and from Gulfside to
Oceanside in just minutes. Lots of people ride bicycles to get around, not just the tourists. You’ll see waiters dressed up for work riding towards
downtown for work.

You’ll see wealthy locals doing in-town errands on their bicycles. You’ll see performers and artists on bicycles, carting
their props towards Mallory Square for another evening show at the Sunset Celebration. They all know that riding a bicycle around Key West is the best
way to get around.

Why Rent a Bicycle in Key West?

Key West was developed in the 19th century. The layout of the city, the width of the streets, and the location of the buildings have all been preserved for a historic feel. They city of Key West is beautiful, and it’s known for the historical architecture and close-knit streets and small lanes. However, when these narrow streets and lanes were planned, way back in the 1800s, hardly anybody owned a car. Nowadays, the streets are lined with cars on both sides, and parking is scarcer than ever. That makes for a congested feeling for drivers, especially visitors. There seems to be stop sign every minute when you’re driving, and there are pedestrians everywhere. Then there are those scooters zipping all over the place, not to mention lots of people riding bicycles. Driving a car in Key West just isn’t fun. Parking is even worse, and most people park in one of the public garages for a fee.

In Key West, bicycle rentals make getting around pleasant, easy, and fast. There are wide sidewalks around the perimeter of the island, and there are bicycle lanes on some streets in Old Town. Parking is great because the city of Key West has thoughtfully put bicycle racks everywhere. Lots of times, people riding bicycles get around town faster than people driving cars. If you’re just going across town, or from your bed & breakfast to the beach or to Old Town, a car is definitely overkill. Drivers are generally pretty courteous to bicycle riders, often giving them right of way, or giving them lots of space on the shoulder. You should never feel crowded by a car in Key West, because bicycles have just as much right to the streets as cars do!