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Guide of Things to Do in Key West

Key West Scooter Rental There are a lot of things to do in Key West, a the tiny tropical city way out in the Atlantic Ocean. This four mile long island has miles and miles of tree-lined streets, conch houses, boutiques, art galleries, exquisite gardens, and lots more, ranging from the sophisticated to the quirky, from the historical to the ultra modern. All sorts of people are attracted to the shores of Key West, which makes for all sorts of things going on. Discovering Key West is an ongoing process, even for people who visit year after year. One can spend the entire Key West vacation in an all-inclusive resort or compound of guests houses, for they’ll have everything some visitors might need: beach or pool, elegant dining, on-site charter excursions, and most importantly, acces to a total, leisurely tropical lifestyle. Kick it in your guest house for the whole time you’re here, and you’ll still have a great time. But just in case you want to get out and see what Key West is all about other than great options for accommodations, here’s what you have to choose from. There really are tons of things to do in Key West.

In Town

Rent a Bicycle or Scooter and Explore

Explore Historical Things to do in Key West

On land, things to do in Key West center around Old Town. As you might have guessed, Old Town is the original part of the city of Key West, that which was first settled. It’s the most desirable land, since it’s highest in elevation. Even Hurricane Wilma, which flooded most of the rest of Key West, didn’t cause any surge to flood Old Town.

The homes were built in the 1800s by wreckers, cigar makers, and other tropical tycoon types. Often, the wood used in the houses was from the ships the people had used to get to Key West. Often, it was from wrecked ships on the reef. The style of the Key West conch house, as they are called, is a bit like New England style, but with larger porches and smaller dimensions.

This traditional architecture, located in a tropical setting, creates the classic Key West style: a little bit old-world, a little bit proper, but also a little laid-back, tropical, whimsical, and definitely not at all Puritanical! The houses have been renovated and kept up over the years, as they are a valuable commodity to Key West.

Today, they serve as cute guest houses, private conch houses, galleries, restaurants, and boutiques. Some give tours, and some just look so fabulous from the curb you’ll have fun strolling around gazing at them. Because of these historic conch houses, Old Town is beautiful, quaint, wonderful, and unique.

See the Attractions & Museums

That, in a nustshell, is the foundation of Old Town. It’s the tourist center, the entertainment center, and the shopping hub of Key West. Old Town runs right up to the water’s edge on the western end of the island of Key West, so you’ll find lots of ways to enjoy water sports like Key West parasailing, fishing, and diving. Therefore, your starting point for things to do in Key West, no matter what you like to do and who you are, is definitely Old Town.

On the Water

Key West is a wonderful town, but the real excitement occurs out on the water, or in the water. This tropical island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the south, the Gulf of Mexico to the north, and lots and lots of flats backcountry all around and the the east. Key West flats fishing is particularly good. There are a million and one ways to get outdoors and explore the water.

Things to do in Key West

Boat Charters

Charter a boat for whatever you have in mind. Fishing or diving charters are the most common, and there are tons to choose from. If you like fishing, charter a private guide or ease your budget and go out on a party boat. Either way, you’re bound to catch some fish. Dive & snorkelcharters run all year and these are also plentiful. Most dive companies have short courses in temporary scuba certification for beginners. You can learn to scuba dive in the morning and go out on a shallow dive the same day. Lots of charters will take visitors to Sand Key Light, or the nearby Stargazer Reef.

Adventure Water Sports

Parasailing is one of the most exciting things to do in Key West. Boats can be found at the docks in Historic Seaport. Sign up, and you’ll be taken out on a specially-equipped boat, strapped into a harness, and raised into the sky with a parachute. Don’t worry, you’ll always be attached to the boat!

Jet Ski rentals are found at many of the waterfront resorts, or on the docks if you walk along the water around Mallory Square. Tour Key West Harbor, get a guide and explore the backcountry, or venture out on your own.

Windsurfing can be done at Smathers Beach, where they have rentals on the beach.

Key West snorkeling is one of the most popular things to do in Key West. This is definitely one of those things you must try if you visit!