How to Pack Light When Traveling

It’s always easy to travel with at least one suitcase. Considering custom checks and walking around with luggage, the best option is to travel light. Here are some of the tips we find helpful:

Invest in a Good Suitcase

Getting a good and sturdy bag is key. Make sure that you get a suitcase that is spacious. While you need a largebag, you also need to consider its weight. You don’t want the suitcase to be over fifty pounds when it’s packed full.

We recommend a light suitcase that is hard shell. Hardshell suitcases are waterproof, and they tend to last longer than fabric suitcases.

Find a Packing Friend

Packing can be very tedious especially if you are packing alone. To make packing fun, enlist a close friend or family to help you pack. Having a friend when packing can help you pack light because they tend to recommend what they think you will need. A packing friend will also help you to be realistic while packing.

Leave Toiletries at Home

Those shampoos, shaving creams, and soaps can add weight to your luggage. You always need to consider the 50lb limit. The best option is to purchase toiletries when you get to your destination. This also limits the risk of toiletries exploding in your bag.

Purchase Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags can be very convenient especially if you are packing for winter. Pack clothes in the vacuum bags, then compress the bag. Compressed vacuum bags are easy to fit in the suitcase. The bags allow you to pack bulky coats and sweaters without consuming so much space.


We tend to pack more than we need. Always consider if you really need to pack extra jeans and t-shirts. List down realistic estimations of what you will need when you arrive. Also, consider how long you will be traveling for.

Consider your Trip Back

Probabilities are when you get to your destination you might end up buying a lot of stuff. We tend to carry new stuff and gifts in our bag. So you need to make sure that you leave enough space in your suitcase to cater for some of the things you buy. If you purchase toiletries, make sure to purchase those that will last you for the number of days or months you’ll be there so that you don’t carry them back.

Do your Research

The same way you would intensely research on rehab centers in denvor co, you also need to research thoroughly on the place you are traveling to. Research helps you know what to expect and what you need to consider while going to a foreign place. For instance, weathers vary, you might begoing to a place with extreme temperatures, so you need to pack for the destination you are going to effectively.

Cross-bags Can Be Very Helpful

You need a cross-bag to put your essentials, including money, passport, and any additional bags. Since you won’t be carrying your suitcase around while visiting places, a carry-on will allow to still walk around with what you need. Make sure to get an all-purpose and stylish cross-bag.

Top Ten Essentials To Carry When Travelling

1. Boater Hat

Totally unexpected? We know. But, Why not? Hats look good on everyone so they will definitely give a touch of style. However, we are skincare crazy, and we care about sun protection, we recommend carrying a hat with you. You will get hats of all sizes from our online store.

2. Carry-on Luggage

Never forget to carry one of these. Whether you are going for a short or long trip, a carry-on allows you to fit everything you need in one place. Carry-ons are beautiful, simple, and they have more room than they look. You can get a carry-on that comes with a built-in laundry bag.

3. Cross-Body Bag

The best thing about cross-body bags is the fact that you don’t have to spare them for travel only, you can also use them every day. The bag is small enough and big enough to fit all the essentials and maybe a little more. The bag has zipper compartments that divide it into three sections, helping you keep things organized.

4. Water Bottle

Always make sure you get a slim shape water bottle that is easy to carry around and without adding any bulk to your travel bag. Get a bottle that will perfectly fit in your cross-body bag.

5. Amenity Kit


This kit has a hand cream, lip balm, and non-oily day cream. It is compact and effortless to travel with. Plus all of them smell so good.

6. Makeup Remover

A makeup remover is an easy option compared to carrying a face wash. It is a no-rinse micellar cleanser that is travel size.

7. Clear-Quart Bag

It’s always a bummer when your bag gets ruined by liquids that leak. To avoid this, get this clear-quart bag. The bag allows you to pack your skincare products and toiletries without having to worry about spillage. The bag is see through, hence allowing you to see what’s inside.

8. Clear Makeup Bag

When makeup leaks or the powder breaks, your cute bag becomes ruined. Get a makeup bag that is clear enough to allow you to see what’s inside. Make sure the make-up bag zips open to allow convenience when you want to sift through what’s inside.

9. Leather Pouch

The leather pouch is perfect for things like headphones, chargers, and any knick-knacks you might need to access quickly. It is dual purpose because you could easily convert it into a pouch.

10. Sneakers

Most people think that slip-on sandals are always the best options for airports, however, do you want to pace barefoot on the same floor where half of the people are walking barefoot? Don’t think so! Sneakers are comfortable; you can walk around with them all day and still look stylish and put together. Besides, it saves space to pack sandals instead of sneakers.