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A Haven for Dreamers and Pirates

A dreamer, according to the dictionary, is someone who is guided by the idea of perfection rather than by reality…just what a Key West vacation offers. Key West has absorbed more dreamers year after year then perhaps any other city in the country. It’s what gives a Key West vacation its unique charm and local color. Key West is full of dreamers, but that’s not to say the city is full of laggards and dawdlers.

You’ll find that Key West has its fair share of go-getters, self-starters, and top-notch service industry professionals as well. There are also modern-day pirates, artists everywhere you look, and a healthy collection of sport fisherman to round out the show. This finely-tuned mixture of characters and citizens is the backbone of this historical, touristy city, and it’s what makes a Key West vacation so special.

You Won’t Find This Anywhere Else

Besides the wonderful and sometimes-kooky ‘local color’, you’ll encounter dazzling blue ocean and gulf waters full of coral reef, sportfish, dolphins, and shipwrecks to explore.

Dining out? You must, we repeat must sample Key West cuisine.
Key West chicken

There are unforgettable local eateries if you venture outside of the Duval Street area, but you can’t really go wrong just picking a spot on Duval Street, either. Chefs in this town get down to serious business when it comes to creating dishes, from fancy cuisine right on down to casual grub. The fresh seafood pulled from the Atlantic Ocean and from the Gulf of Mexico each day is just the starting point for the scrumptious plates offered in Key West restaurants.

Key West just attracts excellent chefs, period. This town also seems to attract artists by the score as well. Inspired by the ocean, the conch houses, the Key West chickens, nearby Cuba, or whatever, local artists produce stunning and irresistable pieces which you’ll surely not want to miss. Just stroll down Duval Street and step into one of the numerous galleries (another thing that makes a Key West vacation special: tons of galleries!) or just go for some Key West shopping.

The combination of wild water sports, a pirate-ey, swashbuckling local history, modern-day luxuries and fine cuisine, and salty, cheerful local folk make Key West different from most places you or I will ever visit. You really won’t find this mix in many places on earth, and certainly not within the United States. Key West isn’t officially a tropical island, (it’s sub-tropical) but the sentiment is tropical, and the attitude is low-key and laid back, to the point of being tuned out for some folks who seek out such. Whatever you seek when you come to a tropical island, whether it be adventure water sports, lessons in period architectue, a taste of pirate culture, or just some good grub, a Key West vacation can probably bring it to you, accompanied by charm, humor, and a smile. You won’t find this anywhere else.

Key West Travel Accommodations
If you dream of palm trees swaying, a laid-back island attitude and some of the world’s best food, a Key West time share is the perfect option for you. Spend your days relaxing at the resort or go exploring the coral reefs, shipwrecks or nightlife – either way, you’ll be happy to relax in spacious, comfortable rooms during your downtime. You could laze around the Tiki Bar at the Banyan Resort, stroll the marina at the Coconut Mallory Resort, or view Key West Harbor from your suite at the Hyatt Sunset Harbor Resort in Old Town – regardless of which resort you choose, you will make wonderful vacation memories with family and friends!



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